Sony expects more PS5 demand this year, so it’s making more consoles


After almost seven years, the current console generation is coming to an end. But while gamers will have plenty of time to reminiscence about their favorite games and multiplayer experiences with the PS4 and Xbox One (and maybe PC too…), Sony has already begun manufacturing the PS5, which should be lining store shelves this fall (unless a major disaster happens, that is).

But even if at first it seemed that it would be hard to get hold of a PS5 console this year, as Sony was reportedly limiting production, it appears this is not actually the case, and the Japanese company is now expecting more demand for PS5 in its launch year.

According to Bloomberg (via GameSpot), Sony could be manufacturing up to 10 million PS5s this year. The reason for the increase (only 5 million units were originally planned) is a possible resurgence of COVID-19 cases keeping people at home come the fall and winter, and the way millions have taken up gaming as a pastime during the coronavirus epidemic.

However, many of the additional 5 million PS5’s likely won’t hit retail this year as Bloomberg points out. This is due to how long it takes for them to reach the West via ship from China, while airplane transport is now restricted due to COVID-19, meaning Sony can’t get the new PS5s to stores as quickly as it would like…

It is interesting, nonetheless, that Sony now thinks demand for the PS5 will be for greater during its launch window. The company did not ship 10 million PS4s to retail until June 2014 (after launching in November 2013) as analyst Daniel Ahmad points out. The console turned out to be wildly popular, having sold more than 100 million units to date.

The thing is, though, at what price will the PS5 sell this year? Sony and Microsoft are currently playing a game of cat and mouse, one waiting for the other to reveal the price of their console first. Will the PS5 undercut the Xbox Series X this year or will it be the opposite?

There are plenty of rumors, speculation and online leaks related to the PS5’s pricing, but until there’s official word from Sony we cannot know for sure how much this thing will cost.

It’s a good thing, though, that Sony is making more PS5’s than expected this year, meaning those looking forward to buying Sony’s next-gen console in 2020 are more likely to be able to get hold of one come this Christmas.

PS5 console (Sony)