Sony rumored to be doing a simultaneous launch of PS5 and PS5 Pro


Since Sony announced the PS5 last year, video game fans have been eagerly awaiting a full reveal of the console by the Japanese company. In the meantime, though, the rumors have been tickling in, with more details about the next PlayStation coming via unverified leaks.

The latest rumor doing the rounds has to do with the supposed launch of a PS5 Pro console, one which presumably will be taking place together with the launch of the standard PS5 console this Holiday 2020 as was reported by TechRadar.

This is claimed by renowned journalist Zenji Nishikawa, who’s scored in the past with predictions about the Nintendo Switch Lite and the PS4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro was a “mid-generation” upgrade and came out 3 years after the launch of the PS4. Announced at a PlayStation event in New York in late 2016, Sony was criticized for launching a console which couldn’t deliver true 4K visuals. Instead it relied on a technique known as “upscaling”, leaving some users upset at the fact that the machine “couldn’t do 4K right”.

A PS5 Pro would be vastly more powerful, though, coming with an advanced 8-core processor, support for 8K graphics and a very fast hard drive.

Launching a PS5 Pro console in tandem with the PS5 also looks like a good move for Sony because it would allow the Japanese company to deliver a console more powerful than the Xbox Series X this Holiday 2020. The Xbox Series X is rumored to be more powerful than the PS5, but also more expensive.

Microsoft has been offering the most powerful console in the market for a while now (the Xbox One X) and surely Sony would like to put an end to this with the launch of the PS5 Pro later this year, as this console will likely even surpass the Xbox Series X when it comes to power.

Other rumored exciting features of the PS5 (and presumably the PS5 Pro) include backwards compatibility with all PlayStation consoles and remote play, something which will be confirmed in a future reveal event many expect will take place next month.

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PS4 and PS4 Pro (Sony / GameSpot)