Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Teases Jabba the Hutt Contracts


One of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars universe is no doubt Jabba the Hutt, the alien gangster who was after Han Solo’s hide in the movies due to him owing him a bunch of credits, even though Han and Luke Skywalker eventually got the upper hand on Jabba in a spectacular sequence taking place over the Tatooine desert in Return of the Jedi…

And given that Jabba is such an important character in Star Wars lore, fans of the movies must have felt elated when they saw the alien crime lord appear in a recent trailer for Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront video game. In this trailer (see below) we see Jabba holding holograms of two weapons. One appears to be a DL-18 blaster pistol, which in the Star Wars universe is a weapon commonly used by bounty hunters and their ilk (so it obviously makes sense for Jabba to deal in these weapons…), while the other is a sniper rifle of some sort.

Apart from the new weapons, the trailer also teases that “Hutt Contracts” are coming soon to the game. What these contracts involve is of yet a mystery, though. Will it be a new multiplayer mode to add to the current ones like Walker Assault and Heroes vs Villains? Will these contracts be single player missions that players can enjoy solo? After all, the lack of a single player campaign was a sore point in what otherwise was a pretty good game overall, and even one notable cast member of The Force Awakens movie has bemoaned the lack of a campaign in Battlefront, so some single player content would be welcome.

What is clear though, is that Electronic Arts will be adding new content to Star Wars Battlefront over the coming months, including free content like the new multiplayer maps advertised in the trailer and new content featured in the game’s season pass, which includes the Outer Rim expansion pack that lets players fight in Jabba the Hutt’s palace on the planet Tatooine and in other locations of the Star Wars universe.