Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed, now launching in 2024


It’s definitely one of the most eagerly awaited video game releases of the year, but Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League won’t actually be coming out in 2023.

So said the people behind the game in a recent tweet, with the game now slated to launch on February 2 next year.

“We have made the tough but necessary decision to take the time needed to work on getting the game to be the best quality experience for players. Thank you to our amazing community for the continued support, patience and understanding”, wrote developer Rocksteady Studios in a tweet, adding that “there is much more to share in the months ahead and we look forward to seeing you in Metropolis next year”.

As stated, the game takes place in the fictional city of Metropolis, where the Suicide Squad has been recruited by a sinister government agent in order to take down a group of superheroes gone rogue. These include the likes of Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, amongst others.

Players, though, will now have to wait until next year to get their hands on the game, which was one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated, as it’s made by famed British developer Rocksteady Studios. These are the people behind the world-conquering Batman Arkham games, much loved by gamers worldwide and also some of the highest-rated on Metacritic. The likes of Batman: Arkham City scored a whopping 96 % on the review aggregator website back in 2011, for instance.

Expectations for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are sky-high then… So maybe Rocksteady was surprised by the negative reaction to a preview of the game this February, as this seemed to offer a radically different gameplay experience than that of the Arkham games.

Maybe it was the negative feedback that prompted Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. Games to delay the game out of 2023, as had been rumored last month. Apparently, this won’t be to make drastic changes to the game, but rather for polishing, meaning some people are still likely to be disappointed when the game arrives in February next year.

A delay did make sense too taking into account that its original release date (May 26, 2023) put it very close to heavyweights like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda sequel too…

But still, there’s no doubt that Rocksteady have proven they can make top quality video games with their Batman: Arkham series, so hopefully Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will actually live up to expectations when it’s released in 2024.