Tekken 7 pre-order character Eliza shows she is one tough cookie in reveal trailer


If one thing is clear, is that Tekken 7 will have one of the biggest character rosters of any fighting video game to date, as Bandai Namco will feature more than 30 different characters when it ships in June this year.

Because not only will classic fighters like sexy Nina Williams and US martial artist Paul Phoenix be back in this eagerly awaited instalment of the well-known fighting game franchise, but players will also get a chance to control newcomers like Shaheen, Kazumi Mishima and the mysterious mutant creature known as Gigas in the game. And of course, cross-over character Akuma will be making a debut in Tekken this year too, a character who Street Fighter fans know very well as he’s been a stalwart of Capcom’s fighting games for years now.

Those who pre-order Tekken 7 however, will be getting Eliza too, a female character who first appeared in the Tekken Revolution game back in 2013. And judging by the reveal trailer above it seems Eliza has a couple of tricks up her sleeve, never mind the fact that she is a vampire too and one of her attacks involves sucking the blood off her victim’s neck… Another interesting special ability that Eliza can resort to in combat is, funnily enough, falling asleep, which allows her to recover lost health and continue the fight with a replenished energy bar.

Of course, even if Eliza looks like she will be an interesting character to play as in Tekken 7 it might still be risky to pre-order the game in order to access this character, as in general it’s wiser to wait until reviews and user opinions of the game are in before making a purchase… But still, Tekken 7 still looks like it could be one of the best fighting games in years when it hits the shelves this summer, so it would no doubt be a great thing if Bandai Namco’s game does live up to the hype when it comes out later this year.