The Intel Core i5-13400 could be the best budget gaming chip ever according to leaked benchmarks


Technology company Intel launched its 13th generation, Raptor Lake chips earlier this month, which have garnered the Santa Clara company plenty of rave reviews. The Intel Core i5-13600K has emerged as a great mid-range option, something which leaked benchmarks prior to release were pointing at too.

However, there were many more Raptor Lake (the codename for Intel’s 13th gen) processors in the pipeline, as Intel has only released 3 models so far, the aforementioned i5-13600K being one of them. The others are the i7-13700K and the i9-13900K, plus their “F” variants without integrated graphics. Actually, according to a Windows 11 compatibility list leaked by Microsoft, a total of 22 13th gen SKUs will be hitting the shelves.

These are expected to be announced by Intel at the Consumer Electronics Show next year (CES 2023), and release shortly afterwards. And one processor many will be looking forward to is the Intel Core i5-13400, the successor to the popular i5-12400 of the Alder Lake generation, which is considered one of the best value for money processors released to date.

One big difference between the i5-13400 Raptor Lake CPU and the earlier i5-12400 is that the i5-13400 will be a true hybrid processor, featuring both performance and efficiency cores. The processor will boast a total of 10 cores, 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. The i5-12400, meanwhile, only has the performance cores.

This is something that is bound to show up in benchmarks, and indeed a leaked PassMark benchmark (as spotted by Twitter user TUM_APISAK) shows that the Intel Core i5-13400 gets an overall performance score of 26,355. Meanwhile, its single core score is 3,866. The i5-12400, by comparison, has an overall score of 19,515, and a single core score of 3,538. This means that the i5-13400 is a whopping 35 % faster than the i5-12400 when it comes to overall performance (all cores engaged), but only about 9 % faster in the single core part of the benchmark than its Alder Lake counterpart.

Actually, the i5-13400’s overall performance score puts it close to the Intel Core i5-12600K processor (which scores 27,722 in PassMark), meaning this could be a terrific budget gaming CPU when it hits shelves next year. This is especially true if its priced similarly to the i5-12400, which has a manufacturer suggested retail price or MSRP of $211 US dollars, while the i5-12600K’s MSRP is $328 US dollars. So if Intel is able to deliver the i5-13400 at a similar price to the i5-12400, this might as well be the best budget gaming processor ever, then.

Of course, there’s always the fact that leaked benchmarks should be taken with a pinch of salt – the final product’s score might differ from what is seen above.

There’s another caveat, though, and that is that the i5-13400 might not get all of the Raptor Lake series’ architectural improvements. A slide leaked before Intel’s Innovation Event last month showed that only the “K” version of its Raptor Lake i5 processors would be getting increased cache sizes (level 2 cache specifically), meaning the i5-13400 could be partially or totally based on the Alder Lake architecture.

But still, the Intel Core i5-13400 could still be the processor to get for most Intel fans, or those looking for an affordable mid-range option, if it actually delivers the performance seen in leaked benchmarks, something we’ll know for sure when its released next year.

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PassMark benchmark result (PassMark Software)