Fallout 4 new-gen upgrade coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles next year


Fallout 4 left many dumbstruck back in 2015. It was a colossal role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world, and a worthy follow-up to the earlier Fallout 3. A great cast of characters (including the loveable canine Dogmeat) plus many well-rounded quests gave RPG fans many hours of enjoyment.

This almost made up for the fact that the Fallout game which followed (Fallout 76) was quite a disappointment at launch, especially for those who enjoy playing solo. And while video game company Bethesda has kept putting out content for Fallout 76, it has now seen fit to upgrade its earlier (and much better) Fallout game.

You see, Bethesda recently announced that a new-gen upgrade for Fallout 4 will be arriving next year on its website (via VG247). It did so amidst the 25th anniversary celebration of the Fallout series, which apparently will run into 2023 too…

Bethesda plans to release an update for Fallout 4 which according to the company includes “performance mode features for high frame rates, quality features for 4K resolution gameplay, bug fixes and even bonus Creation Club content”.

The upgrade will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X (and S) consoles, and also on PC. It will be free for all owners of the game.

Fallout 4 is already playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles via backwards compatibility though, but the new-gen update coming next year will allow Fallout 4 to take advantage of the modern hardware in these consoles, with high quality 4K graphics and higher frame rates. Players will likely now be able to chose between a performance mode or resolution mode on PS5, depending on whether they want crispier graphics or better frame rates for instance.

Also, extra content and bug fixes coming in this update will make replaying the game on new-gen consoles or PC an even better experience for sure.

The thing is, it’s likely those fond of huge RPGs like Fallout 4 will be more interested in getting their hands on Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming RPG set in space. Starfield, though, still has no firm release date, but it’s coming in the first half of 2023 according to Bethesda. Gameplay footage released this year, plus new revelations about the game’s dialogue and character customization by game director Todd Howard point to this being another great RPG by Bethesda nonetheless.

Plus, Bethesda has already confirmed that another Fallout game (presumably titled Fallout 5) will be hitting shelves, but it’s likely that may not even be coming for the current generation of consoles… The new-gen version of Fallout 4 should keep fans of the Maryland-based video game company happy for a while, though, at least until the next great release by Bethesda finally comes to consoles and PC.