These two classic Silent Hill games are now backwards compatible on Xbox One


Backwards compatibility is definitely one of the Xbox One (and Xbox One X’s too) best features. After all, who wants to lug out that old Xbox 360 console to play old games when you can do so on your new Xbox One console?

And since the feature was introduced in 2015, Microsoft has added hundreds of games to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, see some of the best here. These not only include titles from the Xbox 360 catalogue, but also several golden oldies from the original Xbox generation too, meaning it’s likely plenty of gamers have had fun playing old games on the Xbox One this year no doubt, even if some backwards compatible games have not run so well as some would have liked though.

And Microsoft’s latest additions to the Xbox One’s backward compatibility list include Silent Hill HD Collection and 2008’s Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Silent Hill HD Collection is noteworthy because it’s a compilation of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 (high definition remasters of these, actually). These are not only two of the best games in the series, but also two of the best survival horror games to have been released in the last decade or so.

Silent Hill 2 came out in 2001 and caused a sensation amongst survival horror video game fans thanks to its great setting and gameplay, even if not everyone liked the game’s ever-present fog and the fact its story was not a continuation of the events seen in the original game. But at least this is the first game in which the infamous Pyramid Head makes an appearance…

Then there’s Silent Hill 3, arguably the best entry in the series, and which is actually a proper sequel to the original. Actually, this stars Heather Mason (daughter of the first game’s protagonist) who takes on an evil cult in the creepy town of Silent Hill.

The other Silent Hill game which is now backwards compatible on Xbox One is Silent Hill: Homecoming. This game largely abandoned the survival horror gameplay of the first game and is a more action-oriented title which is nevertheless still worth playing.

As usual, if you own any of the se games all you’ve got to do is pop in the disc in order to begin playing, while any digital editions of the game you own will be available on the Xbox One’s “Ready to Download” section too…

And it’s a great thing that the Xbox One’s backward compatibility list keeps growing and more Xbox 360 titles become available to play on Microsoft’s current-gen console each month, so here’s hoping the trend continues and that Microsoft keeps adding more great games to the list in the future.

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