This top adventure game is landing on Nintendo Switch this fall


The Broken Sword series of adventure games has been going strong since the original game hit the PC back in 1996. This was a game that dealt with Templar conspiracies and the Holy Grail long before Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code became a best-seller, and surely was a great ride for those who played it back then.

British developer Revolution hit back with a sequel the next year (titled Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror), one that dealt with Mayan myths and sacred rituals and which almost outdid the original when it came to adventuring fun, while 2003’s Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon was the first game in the series to feature 3D graphics.

Sadly, its follow-up Broken Sword: The Angel of Death failed to capture the magic of the series and was something of a let-down for devout Broken Sword fans, even though with the latest Broken Sword game Revolution managed to redeem the series and sure was a jolly good adventure game back in 2013.

Titled Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, this brought back the series’ protagonist George Stobbart and his journalist partner Nico in another globetrotting adventure reminiscent of the original game, this time involving a search for a mythical object in northern Spain. It was one of 2013’s best adventure games, while I would also rate this as one of the best Broken Sword games since the original 1996 release.

And fans of the Broken Sword games who own a Nintendo Switch will be pleased to know that Broken Sword 5 will be hitting Nintendo’s machine this fall, a new version of the game that will feature several enhancements and extras as well. Amongst these is a series of interviews with the team at British outfit Revolution, shedding light on the development process behind the game.

This Switch version also features a touch interface which takes advantage of the capabilities of Nintendo’s console in full, while of course it’s possible to play on the go and with the console’s Joy-Cons too…

Broken Sword 5 for Nintendo Switch is releasing this fall (September 26 to be exact), and no doubt it will be a great thing if this version of one of 2013’s classiest adventures manages to be as good as Broken Sword fans are hoping it will be. It would also be welcome, though, if developer Revolution announced another entry in the series too (instead of just producing mobile editions of its earlier hits), if only so that long-time fans of the series can see George and Nico in action in another game sometime in the future.

For the time being though, this new edition of Broken Sword 5 definitely looks like it could be a delight for adventure game fans who game on the Nintendo Switch when it releases next month.