Top 21 games showing at E3 2017

13. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is one of the most exciting games in Nintendo’s line-up this year, without a doubt. Actually, this sequel to the 2015 hit could turn out to be one of the top hits on the Nintendo Switch if it manages to improve on the excellent gameplay of the original. Also, aside from additional weapons and characters, this sequel will also feature new special attacks letting you cover more of the map with your paint colour in an effort to defeat the opposing team. And here’s hoping playing with ink-based weapons is as fun here as it was in the classy 2015 original, although we’ll find out more about this Nintendo sequel at this year’s E3 too.

14. Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront was a bona fide hit back in 2015, offering intense multiplayer action in the Star Wars universe, letting you take part in the likes of the Battle of Hoth and other classic Star Wars scenarios. It was criticized due to its lack of a single player campaign, though, and also due to its rather shallow gameplay. But at least this sequel will include the much-requested single player campaign (which will feature a female protagonist who’s fighting for the Empire) and new multiplayer modes and scenarios spanning multiple eras (yes, even the prequels), making this one game many won’t be taking their eyes off at E3 for sure.

15. Super Mario Odyssey

If one thing is clear, is that Mario is one of the most iconic characters in gaming, and has been the protagonist of some of Nintendo’s best games to date such as the superb Super Mario Galaxy 2. And it was an inevitability that Nintendo would be releasing a game starring the iconic plumber for their new Switch console, with Super Mario Odyssey being the first Mario game of the Switch era. But aside from the fact that this will be a “sand-box style” video game and feature larger levels to explore (one of these being a city) we know little yet of Mario’s new adventure, so surely many are looking forward to Nintendo’s briefing at this year’s E3 to find out more about this eagerly anticipated game.