Top 5 Video Game Rumours Proven False in 2015

3. Nintendo NX console available next year


Despite the fact that Nintendo’s Wii U has been the worst performing console this generation, it can still be argued that Nintendo is the sort of company that could take over the video game world, given its brand power. And perhaps with their upcoming NX console, they will. It is said that the Japanese company’s next console will not only combine mobile gaming with traditional console gaming, but it will also feature cutting-edge hardware according to a GameSpot article.

Whether this means that we will finally see multiplatform games like Call of Duty or The Elder Scrolls on a Nintendo console remains to be seen, but still, it’s a great thing that Nintendo is planning to become performance leader again after the frankly underpowered Wii U failed to impress. But certain rumours about the NX, specifically that it could hit the market in July 2016 seem completely out of line. After all, Nintendo won’t comment on the Wii U’s successor until 2016, so that summer 2016 release date can be ruled out, with a Christmas 2016 date being more likely at this point.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.
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