Top 5 video games coming in November 2016

4. Watch Dogs 2


Released back in 2014, the original Watch Dogs game was meant to give the likes of GTA a run for its money, but failed at this due to the game’s bland protagonist and some boring missions. But Ubisoft is now looking to improve on the original in every single respect with the sequel, which has a new charismatic protagonist named Marcus Holloway and also expands on the hacking gameplay of the original Watch Dogs.

In the game, hacker Marcus joins rebel group Dedsec with the intention of taking down the corrupt establishment in the game’s fictionalized city of San Francisco, using his skills to hack security cameras, mobile phones and computers. The game will also allow players to remotely control cars and drones in its missions, which hopefully will be as fun and jolly entertaining as those we’ve seen in other Ubisoft games to date.

Release date: November 15. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.