Vampyr is a hit, sells half a million copies in one month


Although developer Dontnod Entertainment is better known for its episodic adventure game Life is Strange (which is actually getting a sequel this September), the French outfit did put out a new game this June too.

That game was Vampyr, an action and adventure game set in a ravaged early 20th century London whose protagonist also happens to be a vampire, making this one of the first vampire-themed games we have gotten to play in years.

And despite the game’s lukewarm critical reception and it only managing to score 72 on Metacritic, it appears Vampyr has been something of a hit with players thus far.

Actually, Dontnod’s vampire-themed game has sold almost half a million copies since its launch in early June as reported on PCGamesN, making the people at Dontnod Entertainment very happy indeed.

“We are very proud”, said Dontnod’s CEO Oskar Guilbert, adding that he expects Dontnod to “greatly benefit from this commercial success”.

It remains to be seen though, whether Vampyr’s momentum can hold, and whether this will end up becoming a multi-million copy hit like Life is Strange was. After all, Dontnod’s teenage adventure has sold more than three million copies since its debut in 2015, so Vampyr will have to do exceptionally well in the coming months to beat that figure.

Either way, it’s still great that a small studio like Dontnod can cause such an impact in the video game market these days, especially as the French outfit lacks the resources of the Ubisofts and Activisions of this world, so here’s hoping Vampyr turns out to be one of those games people end up talking about the most when all is said and done this year.