When will Bethesda’s Starfield game be released?


It would be an understatement to say that Starfield is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. The first original release by game makers Bethesda in 25 years, this surely is a game on many gamers’ minds taking into account that the company was behind some incredible releases like The Elder Scrolls V and Fallout 4.

This not being an Elder Scrolls or Fallout sequel has also gotten many interested in the game, no doubt.

So it’s understandable that video game fans were disappointed last year when developer Bethesda announced the game’s release date would be pushed back into 2023. Starfield was originally slated to release on 11.11.23, exactly 10 years after Bethesda’s seminal RPG Skyrim, a game many still play to this day.

Starfield is now expected to launch sometime in the first half of 2023, although Bethesda is yet to reveal an exact release date for its role-playing game with a sci-fi setting.

People were hopeful Bethesda would finally reveal a launch date during Microsoft’s Xbox showcase earlier this year, but this did not happen… Instead, the company said that another of its games, vampire shooter Redfall, would come out this May.

More recently, though, an industry insider who recently spoke during the Xbox Two podcast (via comicbook.com), said he expects Starfield to see a release this June.

“I am of the opinion that Starfield is going to drop in in June. I think Starfield is going to drop in June…. the latest information I have suggests June to me”, said Jez Corden during the podcast.

Corden also acknowledged that people are priming Starfield for a May launch on International Space Day, although he said June is more likely in his opinion.

Will Starfield arrive in the first half of 2023?


There’s a possibility, though, that the game might miss its first half of 2023 release window, and instead come out in the later part of the year. Bethesda was expected to do a Starfield showcase separate from the Xbox showcase, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Writing on the company’s official Discord, a Bethesda community manager said the company is “still sorting stuff out” when asked about the showcase, which might mean the game’s development might be delayed. But the game did look pretty good in a recent developer video which showcased Starfield’s quests amongst other things, though.

Also, a Forbes contributor has argued that Bethesda and Microsoft might want to avoid launching the game too close to blockbusters like Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy XVI, both slated to hit shelves in the first half of the year. So Starfield might instead arrive between September and November this year.

Nonetheless, Microsoft would still want to see a Starfield launch sooner rather than later. This is because Starfield is the biggest game coming to its Game Pass service this year, allowing it to start profiting big from its acquisition of Bethesda and its parent company Zenimax back in 2021.

Either way, there’s also the possibility of the game being delayed out of 2023 completely. This is something which Bethesda fans which have been waiting years for Starfield (which was announced in 2018) won’t even want to think about, but this can’t be ruled completely out either. But it would be a great thing if Starfield does meet its projected release date, so that millions of players worldwide can have fun in the game’s fictional galaxy come this Spring.

Update: Bethesda has revealed that Starfield will be launching on September 6, 2023.