Will Ariana Grande shine in Final Fantasy?


It is clear that American actress and singer Ariana Grande is one of the best-known celebrities in the US, and has dazzled audiences with albums like 2014’s My Everything, while Grande has also been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards and has even made the most influential people list compiled by Time magazine.

So Ariana Grande is an A-list celebrity no doubt, while the singer has also become one of the most recognizable performers worldwide due to her revealing outfits and trademark cat ears… And Square Enix, the company behind the world-conquering Final Fantasy games, recently announced that Grande would feature in their Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius mobile game, appearing in the game as DW, which stands for “Dangerous Woman”.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is an old-school Final Fantasy game and plays like the updated versions of the original Final Fantasy which are available for mobile, while it is clear that fans of role-playing games will surely appreciate the game’s plethora of quests and charming retro visuals.

Of course, some may dismiss Square Enix’s move to feature a high profile celebrity like Ariana Grande in their game as a mere publicity stunt, even if there’s something about Grande’s image and style that surely makes her a great fit for a Final Fantasy game…

Plus the presence of a top singer like Ariana Grande in the game could help draw more players to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy role-playing games, and her fans will surely enjoy playing as a character based on her likeness in Brave Exvius too. And a remixed version of her song “Touch It” will also feature in the game, meaning the US singer could really shine in this Final Fantasy mobile game.

Also, this is not the first time that the Final Fantasy franchise has crossed paths with the world of celebrities, fashion and movies, as the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV animated movie released last July featured the voice talent of celebrity actors like Sean Bean, while last year model and actress Pia Wurtzbach was invited to attend the Final Fantasy XV event which took place in Los Angeles in March last year.

Also, franchise character Lighting became a Louis Vuitton ambassador in 2016, meaning that Final Fantasy is reaching audiences which might not normally be interested in video gaming, and who might end up discovering one of the best pastimes one can enjoy these days, which is something that might benefit the video game industry as whole too.