Windows 7 usage drops like a stone as support deadline looms


Windows 7 has undoubtedly been one of Microsoft’s most successful operating systems. It sold millions of copies and found its way to more than 400 million computers since its launch in 2009.

All good things eventually come to an end, though, and since Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in 2015 it’s been urging Windows users to make the move to its latest, flashiest operating system.

And it seems PC users have been doing just that as of late, as Windows 7 usage dropped by 3.6 % last July according to analytics firm Net Applications (via TechRadar). It now stands at little less than 32 %. By contrast, Windows 10’s share increased by more than 3 %, and is now approaching 50 %.

This is the second largest drop for Windows 7 and second largest increase for Windows 10, and it may have to do with the fact that support for Windows 7 support is ending next year as Tech Radar points out. Actually, Microsoft will pull the plug and stop releasing security updates for its venerable OS on January 14, 2020.

It remains to be seen, though, whether the tens of millions of users still running Windows 7 will have made the jump come that date. It’s almost a certainty many won’t, meaning millions of Windows users will be left out in the cold and in the digital equivalent of the Wild West when January 14 arrives.

This is a similar situation to that which occurred with Windows XP back in 2014, as there were still millions of users of XP as the end of support deadline was approaching. And believe it or not, despite the fact that home users haven’t got security patches for Windows XP for years now, a small percentage of people are still running Microsoft’s 2001 OS.

It’s likely then, that Windows 7 will continue to be some people’s OS of choice for some time yet – as Microsoft very well knows it’s hard to get OS diehards to switch. And indeed Windows 7 ranks as one of Microsoft’s best operating systems to date… even if it’s know better to let it die an honourable death and finally make the switch to Windows 10, something that’s a must especially for anyone how’s into video gaming on PC too.

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