5 video games featuring improved graphics on Sony’s PS4 Pro console


Now that Sony is gearing up to launch their new PS4 Pro console, video game developers are busy patching some of their existing PS4 games to offer a superior visual experience and improved graphics on the new console. And those looking forward to get hold of the new machine will find that there are already a plethora of existing PS4 games with PS4 Pro support, with plenty more likely coming in the near future. Here follows a list of 5 video games featuring improved graphics on Sony’s PS4 Pro console, which are available now.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


Plenty of video game fans were elated when Bethesda announced that a remaster of their award-winning RPG Skyrim was in the works, and that it would launch in fall 2016. And although Skyrim Special Edition turned out to be a mixed bag from a technical standpoint, as it had some sound issues and it did not look as new-gen as many had hoped for, at least the game did add user mod support on consoles, and also support for 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro console.

And while exploring the Nordic lands of Skyrim at the standard 1080p resolution was always a pleasure, owners of 4K TVs and a PS4 Pro will be able to experience the game in true 4K resolution, which will certainly help make Skyrim a more immersive experience on Sony’s new console.