5 video games with silent protagonists

2. Dragon Age


I beg your pardon my lady, did I hear you speak?


Dragon Age was a fantasy RPG released in 2009, and the original game in Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise. The game featured a medieval fantasy world clearly based on Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Game of Throne’s Westeros, although it still told a riveting tale from beginning to end.

And even though Dragon Age had a great cast of characters, especially the villains Teyrn Loghain and the evil noble Rendon Howe (who was superbly voiced by Tim Curry), as in all Bioware RPGs the most important character in the game was the player. And gamers could customize their character as they saw fit, choosing from several classes and deciding whether to be a highly-skilled human, elf or dwarf, albeit a completely silent one, who would not utter a word during the entire game. But then again, nobody’s perfect, of course…