5 video games with silent protagonists

3. The Legend of Zelda


In Zelda games like the superb Twilight Princess hero Link gets to save the fantasy world of Hyrule… silently, that is.


Even though Nintendo became a legendary brand in the video game world thanks to its games starring the famous plumber Mario, the truth is that the Zelda games have always had a special place in gamer’s hearts. Because Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto created a loveable fantasy world filled with memorable characters like princess Zelda, the evil Ganon, and of course, protagonist Link.

It is clear that Link is one of gaming’s top heroes, and the young kid wielding a sword in a green attire is one of the most recognisable characters in the world. And the most remarkable thing is that Link does possess a great personality despite never saying a single world in the Zelda games. And here’s hoping that Zelda’s feisty hero will never be ruined by a bad script…