7 gameplay surprises in Assassin’s Creed Origins

5. The tombs are coming back

Will Origins’ tomb sections make you feel like an ancient Egyptian Indiana Jones?

A feature some may have missed in the last couple of Assassin’s Creed instalments were the tombs which you could explore in the earlier games, such as the top-rated Assassin’s Creed II. These were a lot of fun to navigate through, featuring Prince of Persia-style platforming and puzzles to solve, while the tombs themselves were based on real places like the Florence Cathedral, adding an air of authenticity to the proceedings.

And those who enjoyed the tomb sections in the first Assassin’s Creed games will be happy to know that these are coming back in Origins, offering the same mix of navigational challenges and puzzles as in the earlier games. Also, taking into account the game’s ancient Egypt setting, you will be able to explore the tombs of the Pharaohs and other locations such as the Greek tombs, which are based on the actual, real historical locations in Egypt… So this means raiding tombs could be one of the high points of Assassin’s Creed Origins when the game ships this fall.