Batman: Arkham Legacy could be announced at the 2019 Game Awards


There’s no doubt that Batman: Arkham Knight was a phenomenal game, and showed what British developer Rocksteady could do with the Batman license. It was a truly terrific superhero game which even managed to top the superb Batman: Arkham City, but it is now more than four years old.

And Batman fans have been eagerly awaiting another video game featuring the Caped Crusader for a long time now…

Sadly, Rocksteady almost certainly won’t be making more Batman games, even if the British outfit is now hard at work on another superhero game which is yet to see the light (early rumours said Superman might be the protagonist, but Rocksteady has since dismissed these).

So, does this mean Batman fans won’t be getting a new Batman game anytime soon?

Not exactly, as rumours have been floating around that a new Batman game could be announced soon as was recently reported on Push Square.

A teaser on Twitter earlier this year from WB Games Montreal got many people’s hopes up, and now rumours suggest this new Batman game could be announced at the Game Awards on December 12 this year. This is apparently confirmed by a YouTuber who’s in contact with a leaker who also provided details on an earlier Batman game (which got cancelled) as covered on the Daily Star.

An announcement this big won’t be out of place at the Game Awards of course, as several high profile games such as the next Dragon Age have been announced at the awards show in the past.

This next Batman game could be titled Batman: Arkham Legacy, and will be made by the same people behind Batman: Arkham Origins. The 2013 game isn’t the best entry in the Arkham series by far (arguably it’s the worst), so it would be a great thing if WB Games Montreal can produce a better game this time, one which will hopefully rival the Arkham games by Rocksteady.

Batman: Arkham Legacy’s plot will supposedly focus on the Court of Owls – the secret society and criminal organization of Gotham City which feature in the comic books – and which have the nasty habit of kidnaping child performers to turn them into assassins, meaning this new Batman game could have an interesting story at its core for sure.

There’s not much longer to wait in order to find out more about this new Batman game if the rumours are proven correct, so hopefully we’ll have great news for fans of the Caped Crusader when the Game Awards kick off on December 12.