We’ll have to wait a while to play the next Dragon Age, it seems


Dragon Age is surely one of the best-known video game series, and has offered high fantasy role-playing since the first game hit shelves back in 2009.

And the most recent entry in the series (Dragon Age: Inquisition), was also another epic, sprawling fantasy RPG which won many Game of the Year Awards even though it rubbed some people the wrong way due to it featuring some tedious and repetitive quests, and plenty of grind.

Nonetheless, people are still waiting for the next Dragon Age with bated breath, and were excited when game creators BioWare put out a short teaser trailer for another Dragon Age game during the Game Awards show in December last year.

This did not reveal much, put suggested the next Dragon Age will continue the last game’s story, as a character from Dragon Age: Inquisition (The Dread Wolf) is referenced in the trailer.

More recently, though, Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen doused people’s hopes that another Dragon Age would be coming soon. During an earnings call, EA’s chief financial officer said that “plans are underway” for the next Dragon Age, and that it would arrive after fiscal year 2022, as was recently reported on GameSpot.

This means that a new Dragon Age won’t be hitting retailers until April 2022 at the very least, which must be surely disappointing for those looking to enjoy another adventure in Ferelden (the fantasy world where the series is set).

Actually, it’s been almost 5 years since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, and now it seems Dragon Age fans will be waiting another couple of years for the next entry in the RPG series. It makes sense, though, that BioWare doesn’t want to rush the next Dragon Age, especially not after the latest entry of its other RPG series, Mass Effect, turned out to be a failure.

And what the next Dragon Age will be about is anyone’s guess, although hopefully it will be more like 2009’s classic Dragon Age: Origins rather than Dragon Age 2, which was criticized due to its poorer characters, setting and gameplay and is the weakest game in the series.

There are rumours, though, that the next Dragon Age could end up being an online multiplayer game with live content like BioWare’s Anthem is, something that I’m wishing isn’t the case as it might ruin the franchise for good, and would end up alienating the series’ long-time fans.

This is also unlikely taking into account that in a blog post executive producer Mark Darrah said that the next game in the series will “continue BioWare’s rich legacy of colorful companions, romance and epic choices”, suggesting the next Dragon Age will be in line with what the series has offered to date. But taking into account that the project has been rebooted internally several times at BioWare anything is possible at this point, especially considering that the Canadian developer’s most recent game Anthem has been something of a disappointment for publisher EA.

But even if the next Dragon Age is an unknown quantity at this point and that it may yet take a while to arrive, BioWare is teasing an announcement on December 12, when the company will celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary and possibly reveal more information about the upcoming Dragon Age 4, something to look forward to no doubt.