Progress on the next Hitman game is well underway, says IO Interactive


Hitman 2 turned out to be a great game last year, and was a worthy follow-up to 2016’s fabulous Hitman. It surely was a triumphant return for the game’s protagonist Agent 47, who once again travelled around the world leaving a pile of corpses in his wake.

IO Interactive (IO for short) has been steadily releasing extra content for the game since its launch in November last year in the form of Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts and challenge packs, effectively turning Hitman 2 into a live game and giving fans plenty of new stuff to enjoy every month.

And now IO had detailed what’s coming to the game this November in a recent blog post, a month in which the Danish developer plans to release more content than ever before in order to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary.

IO also plans to release the final major patch for the game on November 19 this month, as the developer is focusing more on the next Hitman game now.

“After 13 months of full-time support and content for HITMAN 2 – at no additional cost (besides what we added through the Expansion Pass), we’re now at a place where we are looking increasingly to the future. In real terms, we’re moving more and more of the HITMAN 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway”, said IO in its blog post.

It’s likely, though, that the next Hitman game will be very similar to Hitman 2 – that is more like 2006’s Hitman: Blood Money than the more action-focused, cinematic Hitman Absolution, which some Hitman purists did not like so much.

IO has said in the past that it intended this series of Hitman games (which began with 2016’s Hitman) to be a trilogy, so the next game in the franchise will likely put an end to the conspiracy-soaked story which began in 2016.

And if Hitman 3 offers the same great gameplay and fantastic locations as its forebears did, it’s likely most Hitman fans (me included) will surely be happy when it’s released, hopefully sooner rather than later.