A limited edition of the PS4 Pro goes on sale this week


It might seem like yesterday to some people that the original PlayStation hit the market. After all, many who are still passionate gamers these days began their gaming career playing games on Sony’s first console.

It’s been 24 long years since the original PS hit the market though, and since then Sony put out the PS2 (still the best-selling console ever with 155 million units shifted), the PS3 and the PS4 – the current king of the console world, having sold more than 80 million units since its launch in 2013. And let’s not forget the other portable consoles Sony has released over the years, such as the much-loved PS Vita.

Given their track record, you would expect Sony to have sold a staggering number of PlayStation consoles taking every single model released since 1994 into account, and this is indeed the case. Actually, Sony has put more than 500 million PlayStations in consumer homes over the last 24 years, something the Japanese company is celebrating with the launch of a special edition of its PS4 Pro console.

Named the “500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro”, this edition of the PS4 Pro with feature a translucent blue shell, which as Sony claims on its website is a “fan-favourite”. The translucent exterior is not exclusive to the console only though, as the DualShock 4 controller bundled with it shares this aesthetic too.

You’ll also have plenty of space to store your games, screenshots and videos, as this edition of the console comes equipped with a large 2 TB hard drive – enough to cover all your storage needs for a while.

Also, a PlayStation Camera and a vertical stand are included in the bundle.

The unit will be priced at $499.99 US dollars and only 50,000 of these consoles will be hitting retail channels, so you might want to order quickly if you are planning to get hold of one when they go on sale on the 24th of August (this Friday).

And you might be even lucky enough to grab one of these special PS4 Pros with an “extra special” serial number like 09995 (the launch date of the original PlayStation).

Of course, maybe these special edition consoles are not your thing, and you might be just as happy to grab a standard PS4 Pro, which retails for less.

Either way, it’s clear Sony has invested quite a bit in order to celebrate the 500 million console milestone, and it would be a great thing for PlayStation fans if the PS4’s successor (the rumoured PS5) does turn out to be as good a console as its predecessors were when it hits shelves sometime in the future.