Alan Wake 2 coming in 2023


Remedy Entertainment sure is one of the most storied developers out there: they are behind some superb games like Max Payne and Alan Wake after all.

But while Max Payne got more than one sequel, gamers have been anxiously waiting for a true sequel to Alan Wake since the game hit the Xbox 360 back in 2010.

Along the way Finnish studio Remedy released Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (an action-oriented pseudo sequel to the original game) and Alan Wake Remastered, a remastered edition of the game for consoles and PC.

And rumors emerged earlier this year that Remedy was at work on an Alan Wake sequel… These rumors have been confirmed now, as Alan Wake 2 was announced at this year’s Game Awards show (via IGN).

Remedy also posted a trailer (see below) to tease its new game, giving as an idea of what to expect from the game, even if this is only a cinematic teaser and not actual gameplay footage. Alan Wake 2 is slated for release sometime in 2023.

The original Alan Wake game had its share of scares, and also had players scavenging for resources in order to beat the undead enemies protagonist Alan Wake had to deal with.

Nonetheless, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake has said it considers the original Alan Wake an action game with survival horror elements, while this Alan Wake sequel will be the studio’s first survival horror game.

So given that Remedy is making a true survival horror game with this Alan Wake sequel, it’s likely players will be in for a few scares here. Actually, Sam Lake said at the Game Awards the game’s story will “eat you alive” and that Alan Wake 2 will be “a pretty scary experience”.

This means that Alan Wake 2 will surely be a game to look forward to then, even if it won’t be hitting the shelves before 2023.

But this is a video game project which has been in Remedy’s mind for a very long time, having made a concept video for a sequel way back in 2010.

The company reiterated its plans for a sequel in 2019 (after a TV show had been announced a year earlier), while the game’s protagonist Alan Wake featured in the AWE expansion for Remedy’s latest game Control too…

So it would be a great thing if Alan Wake 2 doesn’t disappoint when it hits the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in the future, then, something millions of Remedy’s fans, and also newcomers to the series, will be looking forward to no doubt.