Ana is Overwatch’s new female character


Given how successful the latest video game by American developer Blizzard has been, it is not surprising that the video game company has decided to add a new character to the game named Ana.

What’s most noticeable about the Cairo-based bounty hunter when compared to other female characters in the game is that, like the Russian sniper Widowmaker, she also wields a sniper rifle which she can use to both deal damage to opposing team members and to heal her own teammates too, making her a useful support character no doubt.

Ana is aged 60 according to the character’s official description on Blizzard’s website, but don’t let her relatively advanced age deceive you, as the gameplay video above shows she can kick butt in a match like the best of them when the situation calls for it.

Actually, judging by this video it is clear that Ana would add as much to a team as the energetic and much younger Tracer, becoming a key part of your Overwatch’s team strategy. Because Ana can buff other characters as seen in Blizzard’s video, turning the hammer-wielding Reinhardt into a death machine and allowing him to take out several rival team members with one hit for a brief period of time. Ana can also knock out rival characters cold with her sidearm, as we also see her put gunslinger McCree to sleep with one shot in this gameplay demo.

So it looks like Ana could become a key support character in player’s Overwatch strategies from now onwards, especially after Blizzard decided to nerf Torbjorn, making his turrets less deadly in the console version of the game. And hopefully Ana’s addition will make Overwatch even more fun to play while we wait for Blizzard to add new features and characters to its best-selling game in the future.