Another Doom movie is likely coming our way – will it be better than the last?


Another movie adaptation of Doom is coming our way, it seems. This is according to Nina Bergman, an actress you might be familiar with as she starred in recent films like The Beautiful Ones.

Recently, Bergman tweeted she had signed up to star in a new Doom movie, as reported on Screenrant (via GameSpot). The Danish actress did not reveal any other details about the movie expect the fact that she’ll be shooting scenes in Bulgaria, and that a “super cool” director is attached to the project.

You might be wondering (and rightly so) why on earth Universal (apparently the studio behind this movie) would bother making another video game adaptation, and above all another Doom movie, given how badly received the previous one, which released in 2005, was.

Because the truth is that video game movies have a history of not being very good, and flicks like Doom and Far Cry have been some of the worst examples of moviemaking ever. No matter how you look at it, the dreaded “video game movie curse” is very real.

And don’t get me started about Doom, a film so bad that I can imagine audiences walking out of the theatre, not wanting to watch more tough-looking marines waving flashlights in the dark, confusing action sequences or listen to risible dialogue for another second.

Heck, this is a movie not even a charismatic lead like Dwayne Johnson could save from being a total disaster, meaning it’s likely Doom fans worldwide couldn’t have been more disappointed (the movie bombed at the box office as you can imagine).

But still, we can be optimistic and think that Universal’s second shot at a Doom movie will be better than the last. At least Nina Bergman herself has said this one has a “much better script” as response to a fan on Twitter, so hopes are up Universal can come up with a worthwhile movie that will erase the bad memories Doom fans have of the previous flick.

It’s still a mystery who will play the lead role in this upcoming Doom film (which again has not been officially announced by Universal) but it’s unlikely Dwayne Johnson will star again, especially taking into account his recent comments about the 2005 movie in a tweet. And it’s almost a given that top-notch actress Rosamund Pike won’t appear in another Doom movie given how badly the previous one fared.

But if Universal can deliver an entertaining and well-produced film, much in the way that Rampage or the recent Tomb Raider movie were, then it’s likely Doom fans will be in for one hell of a ride. It’s still a matter of wait and see, though, and if another Doom movie does materialize, here’s hoping it’s one that audiences worldwide end up remembering for good.

Doom (Universal Pictures)