Civilization 6’s Spring Update is a perfect gift to warmongers


Those who have been playing the Civilization games for quite some time know that these are some of the most addictive strategy games available, and resisting that “one more turn” urge to conquer the world in the game can be quite difficult.

Of course, the latest entry in the series Civilization VI, aside from being as engaging as the earlier games, also offers players quite a few ways of winning the game too. So despite the fact that all out warfare is a perfectly viable option, some many instead prefer going for a science, diplomatic, culture or even a religious victory, without resorting to bloodshed…

But the game’s latest Spring Update (which is now available for PC) will be appreciated by those who want to go for a domination victory, as it reduces warmonger penalties in the game. Actually, these are significantly reduced, being 20 % less for a declaration of war or for capturing an opponent’s city when you’ve previously denounced the enemy leader.

Want to lead the civilization with the pointiest sticks? Civilization VI’s Spring Update might be your cup of tea then…


The penalty is 40 % less when taking cities belonging to civs players are at war with, and is reduced by an even higher percentage when a city that is smaller than the average city in the current game falls to your mighty armies… This means conquest will now be a much more attractive option in Civilization VI from now on, and preparing for war early on will surely be the order of the day now in Firaxis latest Civilization game.

Developer Firaxis’ desire to make the game more war-centric is also reflected in the special abilities of the two new civs which are now available in the new Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack DLC. This is because Persia gets bonus movement points for its units after declaring a surprise war. Meanwhile, Alexander the Great’s Macedon can remain longer at war, as Macedon has a bonus whereby the amount of war weariness is reduced in this civ.

The Spring Update also makes other interesting changes such as increasing the food yield of coast tiles when a lighthouse is built in the city. Plus John Curtin of Australia is now properly addressed as “Prime Minister” rather than President…

So this could certainly be a good time to dive back into Civilization, especially for those who want to explore the conquest side of the game a bit more, and take over the world again in Firaxis’ latest strategy game.