Conan Exiles launch trailer shows off beautiful scenery and bloody combat


Conan Exiles is one of the most promising open-world games headed to PC and consoles this year, and is now available for PC on the Steam digital distribution platform. And Norwegian developer Funcom, who was also behind Age of Conan back in 2008, recently released a launch trailer for the game which shows that this will be one bloody and action-packed video game, and one which will feature quite a few gameplay options as seen in earlier preview videos.

Of course, Conan Exiles is not yet available for PC in a complete form, as this is an “Early Access” game. This means it’s still in development so players can expect constant patches and some of the game’s features to change before a finished release is available for PC and consoles, perhaps in late 2017.

But still, Conan Exiles nonetheless looks like it could be one interesting and enjoyable open-world game thanks to its building gameplay, which lets players construct anything from simple homes to fortresses and its visceral, bloody combat seen in the game’s launch trailer above.

Of course, taking into account that this is a Conan game it’s logical that its first-person combat be brutal and bloody, while it’s also possible to summon massive avatars like giant statues in the game as was seen in an earlier gameplay video. The game also boasts some pretty stunning scenery as seen in the game’s launch trailer, proving developer Funcom has pulled out all the stops to make Conan’s world of Hyboria as pretty as possible.

But will Conan Exiles turn out to be an engaging open-world game, or a poorly conceived effort? This remains to be seen, although we will have to wait until the console versions are available in order to decide whether Funcom’s game is worth the price of admission and is a worthy game like the company’s earlier Age of Conan video game was back in 2008.