Crysis Remastered sneak peek video shows Nintendo Switch version in action


It’s clear many video game fans are awaiting the release of Crysis Remastered this year, as Crytek’s upcoming remaster is one of the top games to get hold of in 2020 for many people.

However, a leaked trailer may have doused some fans’ enthusiasm, as the game’s graphics didn’t look as good as many were expecting. This is because as any gamer worth his salt knows, Crysis was the most technologically advanced game in the world when it launched back in November 2007, so people were expecting the remastered edition of the game to look absolutely breathtaking, something which clearly wasn’t the case judging by the leaked trailer.

Thankfully, Crytek took note of fans’ complaints and decided to postpone Crysis Remastered’s release date (which was scheduled for this month) in order to polish the game some more and get the game “up to the PC – and console-breaking standard you’ve come to expect from Crysis games” as the company said in an open letter to its fans.

It does seem, though, that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will indeed be launching this month after all. Crytek recently announced on the game’s Twitter account that the Nintendo Switch edition of the game is slated for release on July 23, 2020 (thereby keeping the game’s original release date), meaning those looking to get hold of the Switch version will still be able to do so later this month.

And in order to tease gamers looking forward to this release, Crytek also put out a short gameplay teaser (see above) showing the Nintendo Switch version of the game in action, showcasing the game’s realistic vegetation and destructible environments, and advanced physics. And despite this being only a few seconds long it looks suitably impressive, and sure is a great teaser for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the game.

It should also help assuage some gamers’ fears that the console, and particularly the PC version, of the game won’t be up to scratch when it comes out. Despite the disappointing leaked trailer earlier this month, it’s likely that Crytek and Saber Interactive (the developer who’s behind the remaster) will be working their butts off so that Crysis Remastered will push PCs to their limits just like the original game did all those years ago.

Fingers crossed, then, that this will end up being a remaster that both Crysis veterans and newcomers can enjoy when it’s finally released, and that the Nintendo Switch version offers a great mobile Crysis experience when it hits the shelves this July.

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