Dead Space, one of the best survival horror games ever, is getting a remake


Back in 2008, Dead Space shook the world thanks to its dark, ultraviolent action and great survival horror gameplay.

The game’s success led to developer Visceral Games releasing a sequel in 2011, while the more action-oriented Dead Space 3 hit shelves in 2013.

Visceral Games had plans for a Dead Space 4 game, but these were never realized as diminishing returns from the series and overbudgeting for Dead Space 2 meant publisher Electronic Arts never greenlighted the game.

Visceral then set out to work on a Star Wars game, a promising single player adventure with Uncharted-style gameplay that many were looking forward to until EA shut down the studio in 2017.

It seemed, then, that the Dead Space franchise would end up forever lost in the cool void of space like the giant spaceship Ishimura, which was the setting of 2008’s magnificent Dead Space.

Thankfully, though, it appears that Dead Space is making a comeback, according to a recent report on GamesBeat (via Kotaku).

You see, it had earlier been suggested by Eurogamer and Gematsu that video game company EA was planning a Dead Space revival of some sort, and according to GamesBeat, this will take the form of a Dead Space remake.

That’s it, the 2008 classic is getting remade, and studio EA Motive (the people behind Star Wars: Squadrons) will be spearheading the project according to this report.

EA has apparently taken a cue from the success of Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes (which has led to a kind of renaissance for its survival horror series), and is planning to follow a similar route with Dead Space as GamesBeat points out.

Also, the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order must have convinced the bigwigs at EA that story-driven, single player games are worth it, instead of focusing on live service games as the company has been doing as of late.

So, what to expect from a Dead Space remake?

Cutting-edge graphics is one thing – the original Dead Space and its sequels were renowned for their visuals, so a remake of the 2008 classic will definitely have to please fans in this regard. Also, top-notch sound effects (which added so much to the creepy atmosphere of Dead Space) are to be expected too…

It’s not out of the question either that this remake will add a few of the ideas that Visceral Games had in mind for Dead Space 4. These include more non-linear gameplay (as in the flotilla sections of Dead Space 3) and more intelligent enemies which can follow the player in the game’s zero gravity environments.

The Necromorphs – Dead Space’s terrifying and brutal enemies, which you had to kill by dismembering them – are bound to look as scary as ever in a possible remake, although it remains to be seen if Electronic Arts will tone down the violence for this Dead Space reboot or not.

Either way, this will surely be great news for fans of the survival horror franchise set in space, so hopefully we’ll be getting more news about this Dead Space remake sooner rather than later.

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