Fallout 4 vs Skyrim: Which Is the Better Game?

4. Gameplay


Character building in Skyrim was as varied as can be.


One of the things that made Skyrim a great game to play was that there were so many ways to develop one’s character. From a melee warrior clad in heavy armour to a stealth archer, or even a specialist mage fond of summoning magic who could conjure creatures to aid him in battle, players could always create a character to suit their personal taste and gameplay style.

But this is not the case with Fallout 4, which only really lets players create melee characters or just take down enemies with the game’s arsenal of guns. But even if beheading those synth robots with a baseball bat is entertaining, Fallout 4’s gameplay does end up feeling rather repetitive due to the game VATS system. When using VATS, time slows down and players can aim at enemies with precision, but sadly it makes most guns feel the same, while melee attacks really doesn’t require much strategy at all. Skyrim’s combat is surely more varied and fun due to how different each character build feels, which is not the case in Fallout 4.