Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer suggests PC version of the game is in the works


It’s one of the biggest video game releases of the year, and Final Fantasy VII’s remake has been greeted with open arms by both gamers and critics alike.

This is not so surprising taking into account that most Final Fantasy games put out by video game company Square Enix over the years have been excellent: games like Final Fantasy IX are considered genuine classics by many.

And Final Fantasy VII, which originally came out in 1997, is also one of the better entries in the series, so expectations really were high for this remake which is now available worldwide on PS4.

One sore point of the Final Fantasy VII remake launch, though, is the fact that like 2015’s Final Fantasy XV, this will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive at launch. This means that Xbox One and PC players won’t be enjoying the adventures of Cloud, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith and the other Final Fantasy VII characters this year.

I say this year because it’s widely known the game is a timed exclusive until April 2021, meaning it could launch on both the Xbox One and PC once the PlayStation exclusivity window expires next year.

And there’s a strong hint that a PC version of the game could be coming next year in a recent trailer for the game, as was recently reported on Forbes.

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This trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake features producer Yoshinori Kitase discussing the game, and when footage for the game first appears in the trailer it’s accompanied by the tantalizing words “gameplay captured on PC”.

This suggests a PC version of the game could be in the works now, with Square Enix planning on releasing Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PC platform sometime next year.

This wouldn’t be so surprising taking into account that almost the entire Final Fantasy series has hit the PC, and that the last major release in the series Final Fantasy XV did arrive on PC with a bevy of extra features including 4K support (and even mod support) in 2018.

So it’s almost a given taking into account the hint in the trailer that PC gamers will be able to get their hands on Final Fantasy VII Remake at some point in the future, more so taking into account that even former PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is now slated to hit the PC this year.

It’s still disappointing, though, that PC and Xbox One owners will have to wait so long to play this latest Final Fantasy release, even if this being a PlayStation exclusive makes sense taking into account that PlayStation consoles have been the series bread and butter for years and that the PS4 has the largest installed user base of any gaming machine (except PC) these days.

Here’s hoping, nonetheless, that the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake turns out to be something special when it’s released at some time in the future.