For Honor open beta will let players try the game for free


Last year’s beta for The Division sure was a rousing success, and attracted many players to Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic shooter video game. So it makes sense that French video game company will be running another open beta for one of its major video game releases, and now For Honor, the French company’s eagerly awaited sword fighting game, will be getting a beta too.

This free to play open beta comes in the wake of an earlier closed beta, and will let gamers try the hack and slash action game for free from February 9 to February 12 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

According to Ubisoft’s official website, players will be able to fight multiplayer battles as a Knight, Samurai or Viking, and enjoy four multiplayer modes including Dominion, Brawl, Duel and Elimination. The latter is a new mode not seen in the earlier closed beta, and is described by Ubisoft as “a best-of-five series of four-on-four matches with no respawns”.

Before they begin playing the beta, players will also be able to pledge their alliance to one of the game’s three factions (Knights, Samurais or Vikings), and their victories in the game will earn points for their faction in the “War of the Factions” metagame, points which are used to seize territory (at the end of the beta, the faction which controls the most territory wins).

And prior to the start of this open beta, Ubisoft will organize a celebrity event in which the likes of actor Jason Momoa and sportsman Demetrius Johnson will play the game on Twitch (this event can be followed live here).

So this open beta for For Honor is certainly a good chance to get a feel for the game and try it for free before its release on February 14, which would be a recommended course of action for those interested in getting hold of the game once it comes out as For Honor looks like it could be another big hit for Ubisoft like The Division was last year.