Here’s how to get Hitman Go for free


The Hitman franchise has been going strong for years, and the latest video game in the series Hitman 2 received widespread acclaim upon its release back in 2018.

And even though most of these games have been about action and stealth and played in third person view, several spin-off games in the series have offered something different to Hitman fans.

For instance, 2015’s Hitman Sniper focused on dispatching enemies with a sniper rifle only, while the highly acclaimed Hitman Go was a cute puzzle game which proved surprisingly engaging despite lacking the blood and violence and flashy visuals of the mainline games.

And Hitman fans yet to try that game will be happy to hear that publisher Square Enix is giving it away for free as it recently announced in a tweet (via GameSpot).

This is a limited time giveaway, though, and the offer only applies until the 23rd of April, so you might want to pick up the game quickly on either Android or iOS before time runs out. To do so, click on this link if you want to claim the Android version of Hitman Go, or this one if you’re interested in picking up the iOS version free of charge.

And you might want to do so if you have the slightest interest in the Hitman games, as Hitman Go is definitely one of the better entries in the series, boasting cute diorama-like levels and turn-based gameplay. You control Hitman’s iconic protagonist Agent 47 and move through the board one turn at a time. Approaching enemies from the back or side will allow you to knock them out, while there are also optional objectives like picking up a briefcase and completing the level in a specific number of turns or less. You do this by reaching a designated exit node, or by killing a designated target (who’s dressed in red) in certain levels.

Hitman Go’s definitely a fun diversion, then, and a game which should keep those who enjoy the Hitman series busy until the next entry (which is now in the works at Danish developer IO Interactive) hits shelves sometime in the future.

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