Hitman 101 trailer shows the good, bad and ugly bits of an assassin’s job


The latest trailer for developer IO Interactive’s Hitman video game shows how tough an assassin’s job can be.

This is because players are supposed to resort to stealth and discretion in the game in order to put down their assassination target, but obviously those new to the game will end up getting into unwanted fights with the security guards patrolling the game’s sandbox levels, and might even end up killing others besides their assassination targets…

Well, sometimes things can go wrong and obviously players can also complete Hitman’s missions the messy way. This is because the game’s protagonist Agent 47 has special gear at his disposal like explosive rubber ducks and even automatic firearms for those occasions in which one does not have time for subtlety.

Those looking to get the job done in a more discreet way, though, can resort to poison to kill in a silent way, and it is even possible to shoot one of the game’s assassination targets through a telescope he is looking through in Hitman’s episode 2 (which was set in the Italian town of Sapienza), no doubt a more rewarding way to complete the mission…

And the game’s episodes and other content such as the Elusive Targets have been released in episodic format since the first Paris mission came out last March, and this 101 trailer also reminds viewers that Hitman’s The Complete First Season, a physical disc edition of IO Interactive’s game, will be hitting the shelves on January 31.

So now Hitman fans and those new to the franchise will have a chance to get hold of the complete package later this month, which not be that bad an idea for fans of stealth an action games taking into account that Hitman was one of last year’s best gaming experiences and arguably the best video game to come out in 2016.

Note: Hitman – The Complete First Season Steelbook Edition will be available on January 31, 2017. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.