Hitman 3 on PS5 will be a “big leap forward for our technology”, says IO Interactive


Hitman 3 surely is one of the most eagerly anticipated games coming to PS5 next year. Starring bald killer Agent 47, the game will put an end to the “World of Assassination” trilogy which began in 2016 with IO Interactive’s brilliant Hitman reboot.

And recently Danish developer IO Interactive has talked more about the game, explaining how Hitman 3 will take advantage of the technological improvements that the PS5 will bring to the table this fall.

Speaking to the PlayStation Official Magazine (via wccftech.com) game director Mattias Engstrom said that Hitman 3 “is going to mark yet another big leap forward for our technology” and that “having more power to play with gives us more options and lets us do significantly more”.

Also, as any Hitman fan worth his salt knows, the Hitman game are pretty much about experimentation. Playing as Agent 47, you get to visit beautiful locations all over the world on the hunt for people involved in all sorts of shady business, whom you get to kill in a plethora of interesting and sometimes comical ways. This will likely be an even better experience on PS5 taking into account the console’s nippy loading times as Engstrom told the Official PlayStation Magazine.

“HITMAN is a game about experimentation. We invite the player into a sandbox, and we let them experiment the way they want. Therefore, we see the save/load as an important feature to encourage just that. The blitz-fast load times we are seeing on the PS5 makes it the perfect home for the HITMAN trilogy, encouraging experimentation more than ever”, said Engstrom.

And going back to the game’s locations, it’s clear the series has boasted some superb scenarios for players to exercise their trigger finger in, including the Parisian palace of Hitman 2016 (where a fashion show was taking place) to the jungles of Colombia seen in Hitman 2. And Engstrom said that Hitman 3 will feature “extremely memorable” locations, meaning both fans and series newcomers might have another reason to pick the game up when it launches next January.

According to Engstrom, these locations will be even better due to the fact that the game’s “screen space reflections are truly pushed to the limit”.

“I am staying completely away from spoilers, but we’ve got some locations that are going to be extremely memorable and a big part of that is thanks to our environment and lighting artists”, said Hitman 3’s game director in the interview.

What’s interesting too, is that according to Engstrom these improvements will be added to the other two games of the trilogy, and won’t be exclusive to Hitman 3.

“Specifically, screen space reflections are truly pushed to the limit in HITMAN 3. These improvements will be added across the trilogy. The other day Dag, one of our tech artists, showed me some before and after shots on the Paris fashion show and the difference in quality was mind-blowing to me”, said IO Interactive’s game director.

But while it’s nice to know that Hitman 3 will be taking good advantage of the PS5’s hardware, the game will also be launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X in 2021. So it would be a great thing, then, of Hitman 3 lived up to the hype, and that it turns out to be a fitting conclusion to the current trilogy of Hitman games when it arrives next year.

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