Horizon: Zero Dawn – exact launch and preload times revealed


Horizon: Zero Dawn is that game with robot dinosaurs and a cute female protagonist that many gamers are eagerly awaiting for this year. And if early reviews are anything to go by, Guerrilla Games’ could have come up with another masterpiece after their Killzone 3 game knocked the socks off PS3 owners back in 2011.

But those who have been waiting for Horizon: Zero Dawn’s release will be eager to know when they can start playing Guerrilla Games’ latest game, as a recent trailer released by Sony has revealed exactly when gamers can begin preloading the digital edition of the game from PSN.

Those who want to purchase the game online will be able to do so at 9 PM (US Pacific Time) on February 27, while those looking to be able to play at exactly this time can begin preloading 48 hours before that (9 PM on February 25) according to gaming website GameSpot.

So PS4 owners longing to play Horizon: Zero Dawn don’t have that long to wait in order to get their hands on Guerrilla Games’ upcoming open-world adventure, a game that looks like it might end up becoming one of the biggest video game hits of the year when it debuts this month.