Mafia 3 trailer shows New Bordeaux will be a city of contrasts


The Mafia games have always been a worthy alternative to Rockstar’s world-conquering GTA series, with their great open-world gameplay and atmospheric settings. Mafia II, which is one of the best GTA clones made to date, told a crime story set in the 40’s in the fictional Empire Bay (which was loosely based on New York), and had great gameplay and an engaging narrative about an Italian WW2 vet who rises to the top of the criminal underworld in post-war America.

Although perhaps one aspect of Mafia III that left something to be desired was Empire Bay itself, as it wasn’t as detailed or interesting as the likes of Los Santos in Rockstar’s GTA V game. But it looks like developer 2K Czech is pulling out all the stops to make the city of New Bordeaux feel like another character in the game in their upcoming Mafia III video game, which is slated for release this October.

And judging by the trailer above, it is clear that New Bordeaux (which is based on real-life New Orleans) will be a city of contrasts, as the city will feature nine unique districts with their own character and style. From the city’s French Quarter with its jazz clubs and bustling nightlife to the swampy areas in the south teeming with alligators to the poverty-ridden district known as “the Hollow”, it seems New Bordeaux will be a great setting for Mafia III’s story, which follows the exploits of Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay, who’s on a mission to deal with the Italian mob in the city…

Looking at the trailer, it is clear that 2K Czech is putting a special effort into making New Bordeaux another character in Mafia III’s story, and as executive producer Denby Grace states in the video, for 2K Czech “the city is king”.

Despite this great preview of the game though, it remains to be seen whether this new Mafia game will live up to its predecessors and be a video game that will please fans of GTA-style games when it hits the shelves in October, although it is clear that this is one of the year’s most eagerly awaited video game releases, and one game to look forward to no doubt.

Note: Mafia III will be released on October 7, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.