Music from the Hitman video games and others will be heard this summer in Copenhagen


Although it’s likely most gamers don’t pay much attention to video game music, its surely is an integral part of the gaming experience, which can add a lot to your enjoyment of a video game.

And just listening to Sarah Schachner’s music in Assassin’s Creed Origins, or Jeremy Soule’s superb orchestral tracks in the likes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, can get you in the mood for another exciting gaming session.

Other video games like Hitman also feature good musical scores, even though this being a franchise in which stealth is paramount, the music tends to be less in your face and subtler overall, even if the Hitman games have sported more epic music in the past. After all, who can forget the catchy “Ave Maria” tune heard in 2006’s Hitman: Blood Money, and also in the (rather underrated) 2007 movie adaptation of the games.

Also, given that Hitman dev IO Interactive is celebrating its 20th birthday this year (and also putting out another edition of its latest Hitman game via a partnership with Warner) it seems fitting music from the games will be heard at the “Gaming in Symphony” concert in Copenhagen, Denmark this August.

Of course, those Hitman fans who happen to be on vacation in Denmark this August might already have their sights set on this musical event, the details of which can be found here, while a teaser of what to expect from this concert and the music attendees can expect to hear is featured in the video below.

Aside from Hitman, other video game music featured in the concert includes that of Assassin’s Creed II, the soundtrack of which ranks amongst the best heard to date in a video game, and also that of Shadow of the Colossus and Grand Theft Auto IV.

This might be an event worth looking forward to for anyone interested in video game music then, while Hitman fans will undoubtedly also be looking forward to IO’s upcoming but yet unannounced Hitman game, more news of which will hopefully be available soon enough.