New details emerge about Bond 25


Few would deny that James Bond 25 is one of the most eagerly anticipated movies in a very long time. After all, its predecessor Spectre was a box office smash hit, making more than $800 million US dollars worldwide for producer MGM.

So it’s likely that fans of the British spy cheered when it was announced last fall that another James Bond movie would be hitting theatres. And those who’ve been enjoying Daniel Craig’s performances as 007 likely were happy to hear that the actor would be reprising his role in the upcoming film, despite his words to the contrary in an interview back in 2015 shortly after Spectre’s shooting had finished.

Also, new interesting details have recently emerged about James Bond 25 (the movie still doesn’t have an official title), as was recently covered on GameSpot. For instance, we now know that the main villain will be played by none other than Rami Malek, who recently won an Academy Award for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody. Those who play video games might also recall seeing Malek in the PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn, a horror game which is amongst the best released for Sony’s console to date.

And Rami Malek could surely be one mean villain in Bond 25, and as the actor himself said he’s looking to make sure “Bond does not have an easy ride”.

Aside from newcomer Malek, Ralph Fiennes (who plays M), Naomi Harris (Moneypenny) and Ben Whishaw (who plays the role of Bond’s tech-savvy assistant Q) will be reprising their roles in this movie.

Also, actress Ana de Armas, who caused a great impression in director Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel, will be starring as a Bond girl in MGM’s upcoming film.

Regarding the plot, this starts like some other Bond movies in the past, with Agent 007 relaxing in an idyllic location, Jamaica this time. Actually, this is one of the shooting locations for the movie, scenes of which will also be filmed in Norway, London and Italy. As can be expected, this will be a globe-trotting adventure like other James Bond films before it.

The movie also sees the return of well-known Bond character Felix Leiter (previously seen in movies like License to Kill), while the plot involves the rescue of scientist and Bond facing a “mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology”.

Sadly, though, those eager to step into a theatre and watch this upcoming film will have to wait longer than expected. Originally scheduled to hit cinemas in October this year, Bond 25 now has been delayed until late 2020. Also, some may have doubts about producer Barbara Broccoli’s decision for choosing relatively inexperienced director Cary Fukunaga to helm the film after the departure of Danny Boyle last summer.

Despite this, though, here’s hoping that this next James Bond film turns out to be something special when it finally hits the silver screen next year.

Spectre (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)