New Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic trailer shows off epic space story


Although some Mass Effect fans were disappointed by the fact that charismatic protagonist Commander Shepard won’t feature in Bioware’s upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, at least the game’s newest cinematic trailer suggests this will be another space epic, featuring another great cast of characters when it hits shelves in March this year.

Also, not only will Canadian developer Bioware’s video game will boast some truly impressive visuals, as the game will be taking advantage of the power of new-gen consoles to offer better graphics and a greater sense of scale than earlier games in the series, but it also looks like Andromeda will feature another great space story when it comes out this year.

And hopefully Andromeda will also feature a great cast of characters like the earlier Mass Effect games did, which had plenty of memorable characters like Garrus Valkarian, the sexy Miranda Lawson or the Krogan soldier Grunt. Of course, the game’s new protagonist Ryder has a lot to live up if he (or she, as there is a female version of the character as well) is to be as interesting as Commander Shepard, the charismatic lead of the three earlier Mass Effect video games.

Mass Effect fans won’t have to wait that long in order to find out whether Bioware has come up with another great role-playing game though, as the game will be releasing in a couple of weeks, and it would no doubt be a great thing if Mass Effect Andromeda lived up to the hype and ended up being a space epic to remember when it launches in March this year.

Note: Mass Effect Andromeda will be released on March 21, 2017 in North America, and March 23 in the rest of the world. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.