New PAX West gameplay footage shows Mafia 3’s lieutenants in action


Aside from Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs, the Mafia games have always provided a nice alternative to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto video games, with 2010’s Mafia II being undoubtedly one of the best GTA clones released to date.

So it makes sense that fans of the series are looking forward to Mafia III, a game which is looking to be the series’ best when it hits the shelves this October. Because not only will Mafia III offer a huge city to explore in 1960’s New Bordeaux, but also some gameplay innovations such as the way protagonist Lincoln Clay’s relationships with his lieutenants (including Mafia II protagonist Vito) will shape the course of the game.

A new gameplay video released at PAX West (captured by gaming website Dualshockers) shows how players will have to deal with their lieutenants in their quest to rule New Bordeaux’s underworld and take down the Italian Mafia, as these lieutenants can become unruly and even turn on the player throughout the course of the game. It is clear that loyalty has a price in New Bordeaux’s 60 underworld, and if players neglect their subordinates for too long they will end up aiming their guns at protagonist Lincoln Clay soon enough…

It remains to be seen whether this interplay between Lincoln and his lieutenants will really add to Mafia III’s gameplay and make the game more entertaining though, but judging by this preview video Mafia III is certainly looking like it could be one of 2016’s best video game releases and another good entry in this open-world crime video game series when it hits the shelves later in the year.

Note: Mafia III will be released on October 7, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.