Noctis Caelum will be Tekken 7’s new fighter


Despite the fact that 2017 has been a good year for beat ‘em up games, with the likes of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and the fabulous Injustice 2 hitting the shelves, most people would agree that Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 is a pretty good fighting game, and another good entry in the long-running series (and this is not just due to the presence of gorgeous fighter Nina Williams, who once again graces another instalment of the fighting franchise…)

It seems, however, that Bandai Namco plans to keep adding to its best-selling franchise with new content, and at least one new guest character will be added to Tekken 7 next year. This is none other than Noctis Lucis Caelum, the guy from Final Fantasy whom fans might recall was the lead character in the latest instalment of Square Enix’s fantasy role-playing game.

Noctis will be making the jump from Final Fantasy to Tekken next year though, as he’ll be joining the Tekken 7 roster in Spring 2018.

There are no details yet of which special moves Noctis will be able to perform in the game, but he’s likely to be a force to contend with in Tekken 7 multiplayer, and might even become a favourite of pro players when he’s released early next year.

Aside from Noctis, Bandai Namco has also added other characters to the game in 2017 via DLC, including Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, while other guest characters like Street Fighter’s Akuma are also playable in Bandai Namco’s latest fighting game.

Here’s hoping, then, that Noctis addition to Tekken brings much enjoyment to fans of the franchise, and also that Bandai Namco’s keeps adding more content to its highly-rated game in the future.