PS Plus line-up of games for August 2018 includes Mafia 3 and others


As is custom each month, Sony has revealed the games that PS Plus members will be able to get for free this August.

This month’s “big name” is Mafia III, an open-world video game from 2016. This is set in New Bordeaux (a city based on real-world New Orleans) during the 60’s, a tumultuous time in history during which protagonist Lincoln Clay is trying to make his mark in the underworld, and get even with the Italian mob in a game that shares many similarities with Rockstar’s megahit Grand Theft Auto V.

PS4 gamers will also get a chance to play Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer game in which 4 players take the role of survivors while another plays the killer. This is the sort of game that those into asymmetrical multiplayer games such as the recent Friday the 13th: The Game will enjoy, and another freebie available starting on August 7 together with Sony’s other PS Plus games for this month.

Also, Sony continues to offer PS3 games to PS Plus subscribers this month (the Japanese company announced earlier this year that PS Plus monthly games for PS3 won’t be available anymore starting in March 2019). These include Serious Sam 3: BFE, a frantic first-person shooter featuring a sexist, over the top protagonist. There’s also Bound by Flame, an original role-playing game in which the main character is possessed by a demon and can take the path of evil or attempt to fight for the light.

PS Vita gamers on PS Plus are also catered for this month, with Sony making two games available for those still gaming on the mobile console. The first of these is Draw Slasher, in which you play a ninja named Hanzo who has to take on a horde of zombies (pirate monkey zombies actually…). The other is Space Hulk, a game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe featuring space marines and a variety of missions to play through.

Additionally, Sony has been kind enough to offer PS Plus subscribers two extra games this month: one is the VR title Here They Lie, giving owners of PlayStation VR a chance to have a little virtual reality fun, and Knowledge is Power, a quiz game which was released last year.

You’ll be able to pick up PS Plus’ games for this month from August 7 until October 2 (Knowledge is Power is available until November 6 though), while those PS Plus subscribers yet to pick up July’s games can still do so until August 7.

This is another good batch of games those on PS Plus are getting this month then, and here’s hoping Sony has even more to offer PlayStation owners when this September arrives too…