PS Plus lineup of games for July 2018 revealed


One of the greatest things of being a PS Plus subscriber are the free games Sony makes available to members each month. And now the Japanese company has revealed the games those on PS Plus will be able to grab for free this July.

Undoubtedly the best-known of these is Heavy Rain, an adventure game set in Philadelphia which was released back in 2010. Here you control several characters, including a sexy photojournalist named Madison Page, and a gruff cop who’s on the tail of a sinister serial killer who’s fond of origami. Plus, this PS4 version of the game features improved graphics putting it a notch above the PS3 original.

Also, PS4 gamers will get a chance to play Absolver, a fighting game released last summer. This lets you create a character and brawl against other players online, while you can also fight AI-controlled enemies in its fantasy world too.

PS Plus members gaming on PS3 are also catered for this month, and will get a chance to play Rayman 3 HD for free this July. This is a colourful game in which you’ll have to guide cute character Rayman through a series of levels, clearing obstacles and fighting enemies along the way. Also available on PS3 this month is Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, a strategy game which hit the market in 2015.

Meanwhile, PS Vita gamers will be able to play Space Overlords, a sci-fi game which has the added bonus of letting players create their own levels. This is also playable via Cross-Buy on PS4 and PS3, meaning PS Plus subscribers gaming on either console will be able to play a third game this month. The final game on the list for July 2018 is Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, an adventure game released back in 2016 which PS Vita players will be able to enjoy this month.

PS Plus’ free games for July 2018 will be available on July 3, while those yet to pick up June’s batch of games are still be able to do so until that same date.

Let’s not forget too, that you’ll be able to grab Call of Duty: Black Ops III free of charge until July 11, an offer those yet to play this Call of Duty entry likely won’t want to pass up either.

This looks like another good selection of games for PS Plus gamers then, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more big-name titles on Sony’s gaming service in the months to come too.