Rumour: graphics card prices could drop by 20 percent this July


Many gamers looking to upgrade their PCs sure were left disgruntled by the consistently high prices in the graphics card market last year. Actually, it seemed impossible to grab a bona fide bargain in 2017, with most video cards, especially the high end models, selling at a premium when compared to their MSRP or manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

This was due to last year’s Bitcoin craze, with miners worldwide snatching graphics cards like crazy in an effort to mine those elusive coins and make even more profit.

The thing is, Bitcoin’s fortunes this year have been quite different, and those following the cryptocurrency world have seen the virtual currency’s price drop more and more each month…

Actually, it’s been something of a bloodbath, with Bitcoin’s price dropping by more than 75 % since last December. Not only this, but many new digital tokens have also bitten the dust in the same period as reported on Bloomberg.

This means that a lot of people who were mining Bitcoin might have already thrown the towel or might be getting ready to do so, meaning it would be logical to expect PC graphics card prices to fall right?

And likely this will be the case according to an article posted on Digitimes (via PC Gamer), which claims graphics card prices could tumble by an average of 20 % this July 2018. It might not get you that golden bargain you were hoping for, but it might make buying a graphics card more wallet-friendly after last year’s ridiculously high prices put people off investing in a new video board.

Aside from less demand from miners, Digitimes also mentions the fact that many will likely be looking to dump their used video cards on the market now that Bitcoin mining is not such an attractive enterprise. This will likely prompt manufacturers to slash their prices or risk losing sales to a booming second hand market, although it remains to be seen how big those price cuts will be in the end.

Either way, it finally looks like there could be light at the end of the tunnel for PC gamers, and hopefully 2018 will land gamers looking to upgrade their graphics cards a bargain or two.

GTX 1080 Graphics Card (Nvidia Corporation)