Ranking the Silent Hill games from worst to best

5. Silent Hill: Origins (2007)

This also featured the typical hospital setting which has become a staple of the series.


This was the first Silent Hill game not developed by Konami’s Team Silent but was made by Climax Studios, an English outfit who later worked on the Assassin’s Creed games. This was also the first Silent Hill game made for a portable console, hitting Sony’s PSP in 2007 (although it later made it to the PS2 too).

As the game’s title makes clear this tells an origin story for the series, featuring a plot set before the events of Konami’s award-winning 1999 Silent Hill game. You take control of Travis Trucker here, a trucker who ends up in Silent Hill more by a twist of fate than anything. Actually, the plot is little more than an excuse for Konami to deliver the same survival horror experience you might expect from a Silent Hill game. This means there are plenty of hideous creatures to mow down with the game’s collection of weaponry, and also some wicked puzzles to solve in Silent Hill’s surreal, creepy world. This mostly succeeded at delivering another good Silent Hill experience, then, and is a good, but not great entry in the series.

Came out on: PSP and PS2.