New Silent Hill game gets a rating in South Korea


Video game fans have been waiting for a new Silent Hill game for yonks. And their spirits were lifted in 2014 when Konami announced Silent Hills, a new entry in the series which was to be made by video game designer Hideo Kojima together with renowned director Guillermo del Toro.

The Silent Hills game never happened though, with Kojima leaving Konami by the back door, later giving us the great Death Stranding instead… This means that 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour remains the last Silent Hill to ever hit shelves, more than a decade ago.

This could be changing soon, as Japanese publication Gematsu (via VG247) recently spotted that a new Silent Hill game titled “Silent Hill: The Short Message” had gotten a rating in South Korea.

The thing is, such a game is yet to be announced by Konami – the Japanese video game company has remained tight-lipped about any future entries in its popular survival horror video game series.

Also rated was eFootball 2023, while both games will be published by UNIANA, a company which publishes Konami’s games regularly in the Asian nation according to Gematsu.

However, besides the fact that this mysterious Silent Hill game has gotten a rating, nothing else is known about it – not even which platforms it will come out on. There’s also the possibility that this could be a mobile game, or even a teaser of some sort for another Silent Hill game which might currently be in the works.

This is because for a while rumors have claimed that Konami has several Silent Hill games are in development. One of these is supposedly being made by Polish outfit Bloober Team. It might be a remake of the classic Silent Hill 2 game as is rumored, meaning players might get to fight iconic enemies such as Pyramid Head again in the near future…

The other game is rumored to be a new mainline entry in the series. This game could be set in Great Britain, as leaked screenshots taken down by Konami show.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is still a mystery, though, so it would be a great thing if Konami reveals what this new Silent Hill game is about, and any details about any other Silent Hill games it might be working on soon, something which fans of the series will surely be looking forward to no doubt.

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