The Callisto Protocol trailer showcases the game’s prison setting


It’s clear that The Callisto Protocol is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. Made by some of the developers behind the 2008 classic Dead Space, this is surely a game that survival horror fans will be looking forward to no doubt.

The Callisto Protocol is slated to his shelves on December 2 this year, and developer Striking Distance Studios (the people behind the game) have released another trailer to whet gamers’ appetites before launch.

This latest trailer shows off the game’s setting, Black Iron, which is a prison colony on the moon of Callisto. This is obviously a dark, grim and scary place as the trailer shows, infested by hideous creatures which the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, will have to fight against during the game.

Callisto’s protagonist is played by actor Josh Duhamel, who lent his voice and likeness to the game, doing motion capture work for the game. He is joined by resistance fighter Danny Nakamura, who is played by American actress Karen Fukuhara.

As stated earlier, some of the people behind Dead Space (including co-creator Glen Schofield) are behind The Callisto Protocol, so you can expect this to be similar in tone to the 2008 game, as well as delivering similar gameplay to the survival horror classic by Visceral Games, something which surely comes across in the trailer above.

Actually, Visceral Games were hoping to produce another Dead Space sequel (part 4) but they were shut down by Electronic Arts back in 2017, so obviously The Callisto Protocol can be seen as a spiritual successor to the Dead Space games.

The thing is, EA studio Motive is currently working on a Dead Space remake for EA, one which is slated to hit shelves in early 2023. EA’s Dead Space remake will obviously be a direct competitor to The Callisto Protocol, but since the games are shipping a month apart, and The Callisto Protocol arrives first, it might even steal some of the Dead Space’s remake thunder.

Another thing The Callisto Protocol has going for it is that it is a cross-gen game (unlike the Dead Space remake), and will be available on both new-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) and last-gen (PS4, Xbox One) consoles as well as PC.

Hopefully, then, this upcoming survival horror game will turn out to be something special when it arrives this fall.